• Are you in an analysis-paralysis to buy a BTO , RESALE HDB, EXECUTIVE CONDO (EC), RESALE CONDO UNIT OR NEW LAUNCH?

  • Totally clueless about TDSR, LTV, IPA, BSD,SSD, OTP, SNP these acronyms ?

  • So many new launches but do not know which is the best buy ?

  • Have your eye on that resale unit but do not know how to get the seller to agree to your offer pricing?

  • Do not know your monthly mortgage commitment & more?



These are good problems and I congratulate you on taking your first step towards property assets progression!

Your first purchase is extremely important as every property cycle is 7 to 8 years now , which means that in your lifetime , you have only 3-4 opportunities at most, to benefit from the property cycle.

Using the systematic property market analysis, I have consistently helped my clients to achieve paper gains from the day that they place the downpayment for the property. Take for example, this client who

Your first property purchase can also be a springboard for you to reach your financial freedom faster.

Case Study

How to own prime district condo with only $500 each monthly instalment without touching savings

Couple, mid 40s in their 1st BTO in Punggol for 17 years

Mr. & Mrs. Ram came to me and were looking to upgrade but unaware if they can do so. They were surprised and excited to find out that they can own a prime district condo with the hard-earned savings that they saved in the past few years.

Today the family is a happy owner & investor of highly-sought-after development in River Valley and enjoying capital appreciation.

* Names have been altered for privacy
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  • Mr. & Mrs. Ram lives in their first BTO for the last 16 years.
  • Both in their 40s today.


  • Have been wanting to upgrade to prime location but concerned of hefty capital outlay & monthly installment.

Current Problem

  • Sitting on paper gains.

  • Property reached its peak 7 years ago but is stagnated NOW.

  • Lost out on 5.1% interest rates in both bank & CPF monthly.


  • Upon tailored financial planning, I found a solution for the family to upgrade and live in their dream home in River Valley with just $500 each per month for mortgage and without touching their savings.


  • Analysed Undervalued Property.
  • Bought in a Freehold Property at River Valley, similar price as leasehold District 3, Queenstown of the same bedroom type.
  • Financial Planning:
    – $500 each for monthly installment.
    – Made sure savings were not touched.